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“Make your employees happy, the profits will follow” is a proven success strategy often dismissed because employers and managers confuse “happy” with “goofing off.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy uncovers how successful companies make their employees happy beyond the paycheck--and reap the profits that automatically ensue from engaged employees-- increased productivity, high employee morale, excellent retention and decreased absenteeism.  All this is revealed in the book with a wealth of real-world examples (Southwest Airlines, Alcoa, Costco, Starbucks) that will convince even the most skeptical reader that this approach can pay off big time.

Whether your business is a Mom & Pop shop or a Fortune 500 corporation, you’ll find Make More Money loaded with easy-to-use appreciation strategies that elicit profit-making innovations from workers, catapult employee performance from average to stellar, rehabilitate poor performers, facilitate change and assure that the three generations in your workplace play nice together, all rarely costing your business anything more than a change of focus.





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Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy


"Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy breaks down in simple to use concepts just how easily small changes in the behavior of managers and supervisors can drastically improve workplace productivity.  Dr. Nelson once again shows how employees who feel appreciated can dramatically alter the entire work environment.  This, in turn, leads to increased bottom line profits--which ultimately is positive for the employer as well as the employees.  Most valuable is the detailed (and much needed) explanation of how the vast differences in workplace attitudes of Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials must be understood for any good manager to be effective. A quick and great read!"

 - Barry A. Bradley, Esq., Managing Partner, Law Firm of Bradley & Gmelich


“Grounded in the research of Martin Seligman (positive psychology) and David Cooperrider (appreciative inquiry), Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy provides practical tools and examples to bridge the gap between academia and front-line supervisors.  A “must-read” for anyone wanting to make a positive difference at work--to both company profits and employee happiness!”

- Steve Siegel, Organization Effectiveness Manager, B&B Manufacturing and
President, Teamwell Consulting


“I must have read over 30 books on the ‘power of appreciation’ in business related environments over the last 10 years, but Dr. Nelson’s book certainly is the most practical so far. It addresses not only the essence of this undeniably powerful instrument, but also current challenging issues such as: How to keep the three (!) generations in today’s business environment motivated based on their respective desires and expectations. All of this illustrated with many real life and thus very recognizable examples. An absolute must read for anyone in a managerial position that wishes to make more money through happy employees! Just because--there’s really no other way!”

- Hans Poortvliet, CRP, WaarderingsManagement.NL


"Powerful, positive appreciation and recognition make people feel important and encourage employees to contribute more in the future. Appreciation forms the core of how motivated people feel, enhancing self-esteem and the all-important human connection. Dr. Noelle Nelson’s book shows you how to apply appreciation practically and profitably in business."

- Ursula Nicolet, President of the Board of NICOLET Organizational Development


“Appreciation, empowerment and passion are the quintessentials for making more money and securing a company’s future. Noelle Nelson’s book provides leaders with a step-by-step approach towards developing more dedicated people, more fun and stronger profits. Offering comprehensive advice to some of Europe’s most successful families, we know about the power of true leadership.”

- Peter Schuppli, CEO and Founder of Cottonfield Family Office Ltd., Zurich


"Dr. Noelle Nelson reminds us that some things in business can't be outsourced to save money. In fact, Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy shows through research and vivid first-person accounts just how much caring leadership can contribute to the bottom line. Dr. Nelson reminds us that great people make great companies. This book provides specific step-by-step solutions on how to get the most from employees, even as companies make more money, by showing appreciation  for employee contributions. Every CEO and manager will benefit by reading this book and putting Dr. Nelson's insights into action."

- Steve Cooper, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Hitched Media, Inc.


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