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Meet The Amazings!
Meet The Amazings!

Meet The Amazings!

Meet The Amazings! is an interactive Facebook page, launched in 2016, to promote awareness of the fabulous, thriving and happy 60+ers all around us, celebrate them, and provide useful tips and resources to those who would like to live life to the fullest - whatever their current age..

Here's the Huffington Post article that started it all:

Meet The New 60+ers - The Amazings!

I have a new name for those of us 60 and older: the Amazings.

We are busting preconceptions, forcing by our very numbers, the world to look at us differently. We are redefining the years past 60 as years of growth, joy, fun, adventure, even romance!

We are - Amazing.

We who are somewhere between 60 and death, are forcing the world to see us beyond our wrinkles, thinning hair and bum knees. We run marathons, kill on the golf course, tango on the dance-floor, hike the national parks, and out-yoga a surprising number of Millennials.

To wit, a highly entertaining and somewhat shocking YouTube that is a true "must-see," entitled "Millennials Show the World What They Believe Old Looks Like." Judging from the video, Millennials have a narrow view of what "old" really means. Apparently, Millennials have never heard of... [More]




Happy Healthy Dead

Meet the Featured Amazings!

Eng 92Gonzales 96Kinney 89Hay 90Winkle 87Waldron 92Bach 93



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