Dr. Noelle Nelson

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Relationships, Work and Personal Growth:

Dr. Nelson has dedicated her career as a psychologist, author and speaker to empower individuals to lead happier, healthier and more successful lives at home, work and in relationships. Her message, “You Matter, You Count. You Are Important,” is at the core of her philosophy and approach to personal growth and well-being. [ more ]  

Trial Consulting:

Noelle C. Nelson PhD is a nationally respected trial consultant who works with all aspects of civil litigation, from helping attorneys develop a dynamic case theme, to preparing witnesses for deposition and trial, to honing opening and closing statements for maximum juror impact, to setting up and running focus groups, to designing solid trial strategy including use of visuals and graphics. Since 2000, she has helped win billions of dollars for her plaintiff clients. Her defense clients have saved many millions more. [ more ]

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