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Andres Garcia-Carro

Meet an “AMAZING!” who’s enjoying yet another wonderful career!

ANDRES GARCIA-CARRO, at 91, is a much sought-after fashion model – a career that was birthed three years ago because of the pandemic! During the lockdown, Andres’s granddaughter, Celine van Heel, came to live with her grandparents so they wouldn’t be alone and started photographing Andres. Something simply done to pass the time became a full-time occupation, as Celine realized how easily Andres took to the camera and how astonishing he looked. His stylish looks and ease brought him attention from the fashion world. He now has a career as a model. This is after careers as a rancher in Argentina, a restaurant owner in Uruguay and then a real estate agent in Spain. Andres says that he’s not one to sit around and watch the world go by. Instead, he’s engaged in it and having a great time.

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