Dr. Noelle Nelson

New Year Resolutions – Yikes!

Here we are, at another New Year, that time when we set resolutions for the coming 12 months. Or try to. But here’s the thing, even with our best intentions, research shows that our resolutions rarely make it past 3 months. Sometimes not even past 3 weeks, or even 3 days. Sigh. But come on, […]

If You Want to Mountain Climb, Episode 78

Too often we don’t stop to consider what we want our lives to look like, much less how to get there. We just go along, hoping to somehow stumble into that perfect job or lover or whatever else it is we desire.  What you’ll learn in this podcast is a surprisingly easy way to respect yourself […]

Sandra Bellew

Meet an “AMAZING!” who served her community faithfully for 55 years! SANDRA BELLEW, at 87, is finally retiring from the crossing-guard position she enjoyed for 55 years! Sandra has been serving the community for so long that she is now helping the grandchildren of the students she originally safely shepherded across the street. Her current […]

Chrissy Lee

Meet an “AMAZING!” whose passion is – the drums! CRISSY LEE, at 79, continues doing what she loves best – drumming! Just three years ago, at 76, Crissy wowed the Britain’s Got Talent judges with her fantastic drumming skills. No big surprise, given that Crissy had performed with the Beatles on the Spanish leg of […]

Larry L. Taylor

Meet an “AMAZING!” whose valor under fire was finally well rewarded! LARRY L. TAYLOR, at 81, was finally awarded the Medal of Honor, a well-deserved honor, after his 2,000 combat missions flying UH-1 and Cobra helicopters. Larry was forced down five times and engaged by enemy fire some 340 times during his time in Vietnam. […]

Olivia Burnett

Meet an “AMAZING!” who finally fulfilled her life-long dream! OLIVIA BURNETTE, at 80, fulfilled a life-long dream of getting her diploma from the Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology. It’s a dream she’d started some 50 years ago, but then due to unexpected surgery and subsequently raising a family on her own, […]

The Best Free Gifts for The Holidays

The Holidays. A time of giving. And giving and giving, until sometimes it feels like you are nothing but a shopping/buying machine, and the joy of giving, well . . . it’s going-going-gone. But what if there were a way of giving that costs you nothing but a nano-second of attention? No currency – paper, […]

The Question’s Not the Problem: The Answer May Be

How many times in your youth, were you told by a benevolent, or at the very least, good-hearted, coach or teacher, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” You’ve probably said that very phrase to your children as well.  And yet, when jurors ask during deliberations to have something explained to them or ask […]

Everett Kalin

Meet an “AMAZING!” who surprises one and all with his astonishing feats! EVERETT KALIN, at 93, is one of the oldest hikers to make the 13-hour trek up to the top of the challenging Half Dome at Yosemite National Park and then the 14-16 mile descent! Accompanied by his son, Jon and his granddaughter Sidney, […]

Marg Burg

Meet an “AMAZING!” who flew ‘like a bird’ for her 90th! MARG BURG, at 90, celebrated her birthday by skydiving! Something she’d decided she wanted to do, and here was the perfect opportunity. Marg invited those of her extensive family of four children, six grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, for the most part in Tennessee, who […]