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Bert Edlin

Meet an “AMAZING!” who defied the odds to walk his beloved granddaughter down the aisle!

BERT EDLIN, at 95, became a TikTok and Instagram hit when he walked his granddaughter, Rachel Powell, down the aisle at her wedding, strewing flower petals along her path. Rachel had asked her beloved grandpa to be her “Flower Grandpa” well in advance of her special day, but it almost didn’t happen when 16 months before the date, Bert took a bad fall. His doctors told Rachel that even if he recovered, it was unlikely Bert would ever be able to walk, talk, or eat again. Yet even as he lay there in his hospital bed, wordless, Bert gave Rachel a note that said “I will make it to your wedding.” And by working hard in rehab and therapy, Bert made it! One proud grandpa and one very happy bride walked down the aisle on her wedding day. Yay!

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