Dr. Noelle Nelson


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away–well, no, actually right here on Planet Earth, and not all that long ago, there was a thing called a “typewriter.” It was the precursor to our beloved computer keyboards and required no electrical energy, no wires, no plug-ins, nothing but your fingers pounding away. And […]

New Year Resolutions – Yikes!

Here we are, at another New Year, that time when we set resolutions for the coming 12 months. Or try to. But here’s the thing, even with our best intentions, research shows that our resolutions rarely make it past 3 months. Sometimes not even past 3 weeks, or even 3 days. Sigh. But come on, […]

The Best Free Gifts for The Holidays

The Holidays. A time of giving. And giving and giving, until sometimes it feels like you are nothing but a shopping/buying machine, and the joy of giving, well . . . it’s going-going-gone. But what if there were a way of giving that costs you nothing but a nano-second of attention? No currency – paper, […]

Finding The True Thanks of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to give thanks. Most of us are pretty good at that. We can usually always find people and situations in life that inspire us to be grateful. Until certain relatives show up for Thanksgiving dinner. Or the supposed friends you wish you hadn’t invited but felt obliged to decide to […]

The Things You Want Versus The Life You Want To Live

It’s a funny thing about life. Sometimes when you get the things you wanted – the sporty car, the big house, the bling – it turns out they interfere with the life that you wanted to live. Friends of mine, a couple, were all excited about moving to a new city. Their work was now […]

Get Picky With Your Thoughts!

Last week, I had a rather nasty disagreement with a colleague. Even though it got resolved – well, sort of – I found myself going over and over it in my mind. For days. Not a productive path to mental well-being, no way, no how. I realized, somewhere amid my internal grousing, that I was […]

Practice “Maximum Effectiveness”

Apart from writing, my dogs, and life generally, my great passion is Ballroom dancing. A totally off-the-wall pursuit, no doubt, but one that truly lights me up. In addition to my primary instructor and competition partner, I have the privilege of a second instructor, a lovely and talented woman, Sue.* Sue was sipping her coffee […]

Focus On The Full Experience: You’ll Get There Faster!

We rarely enjoy change, even when we want that change. We will usually find any excuse we can to avoid the necessary steps to whatever that change may be. For example, given that it is light so much earlier in the day, I’ve been attempting to get up earlier lately. Sigh. For me, getting up […]

Let Purpose Get You Off the Hamster Wheel!

Some days it feels like life is one endless hamster wheel, where you go round and round and round in the same way day after day. You know the drill: chores-work-kids-chores-bed, rinse and repeat. Oh, sure, there’s the occasional crisis to change things up, maybe the occasional vacation or happy surprise, but mostly it’s chores-work-kids-chores-bed: […]

Self-Care: Lattes and Ice Cream. Really?

We are a quick-fix species, we humans. We want ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ is – NOW! The money, the lover, the job, the car, the child to behave, the partner to behave (oops!), the boss to quit micro-managing: the list goes on and on. So too with self-care. Few of us think of what self-care […]