Dr. Noelle Nelson

Panic vs. Problem Solving, Episode 84

Do you ever feel like you’re not in charge of your emotions, that panic is swirling within you, ready to engulf you in a tsunami of dreadful feelings? In this podcast, you’ll learn about problem solving and find out how to differentiate between facts and feelings so that you can take charge of your emotions […]

Pearls Before Swine Episode 83

You give, you give, you give – while others take and take and take. How do you break this vicious cycle without becoming a selfish egomaniacal uncaring individual? In this podcast, you’ll explore how to take charge of your giving, whether that’s of love, of your talents or your time – so that you don’t […]

The Lost Art of Patience Episode 82

Patience may be a virtue, but you have yet to find anything virtuous about what seems to you to just be a monumental waste of time. Be patient for what? Why? With whom? In this podcast, you’ll discover what patience really is, and how it can work for you in your life – without feeling […]

What, No Guarantees? Episode 81

Ever wished life were simpler, less complicated? What happened to the ‘good old days’ when things were easy and you were just bopping along, happy? In this podcast, you’ll be introduced to a couple of easy techniques so that whatever is going on, you can find a path to the safety and security that will […]

The Negativity Grinch Episode 80

There’s a far worse Grinch than the Grinch that stole Christmas, and unfortunately that Grinch, the Negativity Grinch, lives in our own minds much of the time. Yet negativity, in and of itself, doesn’t have to be a Grinch.  In this podcast you’ll discover how to use negativity in its right and proper way, so […]

From Needy to Deserving, Episode 79

You don’t want to be seen as needy or clingy, or – even worse – desperate, yet you want to be loved, appreciated, valued! And yet, you have every right to want what you want to feel good, to be happy. In this podcast you’ll explore in specifics how to turn ‘needy’ into ‘deserving’ – […]

If You Want to Mountain Climb, Episode 78

Too often we don’t stop to consider what we want our lives to look like, much less how to get there. We just go along, hoping to somehow stumble into that perfect job or lover or whatever else it is we desire.  What you’ll learn in this podcast is a surprisingly easy way to respect yourself […]

A Misunderstood Virtue, Episode 77

Do you confuse being modest with failing to acknowledge your own qualities? Too often, we confuse owning our qualities with arrogance, or entitlement, and certainly we don’t want to be indulging in that! In this podcast, you’ll discover how recognizing your qualities is in fact what gives you the tools to better navigate the challenges […]

Mindless Reaction or Mindful Choice? Episode 76

It’s so easy to have negative knee-jerk reactions to events in our day, which more often than not lead to a generally angry/irritated disposition for the whole day. Who needs that?  In this podcast, with hardly any effort at all, you’ll discover how to make mindful choices rather than oblivious reactions. With that, you can enjoy […]

The Joy of Meaningfulness, Episode 75

Too often we go about our days by rote, never really looking at the why, as in “what’s it all about and why am I doing this anyway?” which too often lead to a profound sense of uselessness, of meaninglessness.  In this podcast you’ll explore in specifics how you might be able to find the value […]