Dr. Noelle Nelson

Laverne Biser

Laverne Biser, at 105, is probably the oldest living eclipse chaser in the world. Laverne’s passion for eclipses all over the globe made him an international traveler, along with his wife of80 years, who shared his enthusiasm until she passed in 2023. Laverne was first entranced by the Milky Way, when he was a toddler, staring up at the night sky from his family’s home in Ohio. Laverne went on to become a mechanical engineer, and timed his vacations so that he could travel to wherever the next eclipse would be best viewed, bringing with him his telescopes and the specialized equipment he devised. Including the 2024 eclipse, Laverne has seen 13 eclipses, from Bali to Nebraska and many places in between. Will he see yet another? Stay tuned!

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