Dr. Noelle Nelson


Trial Consultant

Noelle C. Nelson PhD is a nationally respected trial consultant who works with all aspects of civil litigation, from helping attorneys develop a dynamic case theme, to preparing witnesses for deposition and trial, to honing opening and closing statements for maximum juror impact, to setting up and running focus groups, to designing solid trial strategy including use of visuals and graphics. Since 2000, she has helped win billions of dollars for her plaintiff clients. Her defense clients have saved many millions more.

Dr. Nelson has authored several legal books including A Winning Case and Connecting With Your Client. In Winning! Using Lawyers’ Courtroom Techniques to Get Your Way in Everyday Situations (Get Your Way, paperback edition), Dr. Nelson explains how to use the persuasion techniques of successful trial attorneys in everyday life. Her “A Winning Tip” monthly blog is a go-to source for attorneys around the country for the latest trial techniques and persuasion strategies.

Dr. Nelson holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology from the United States International University (M.S., Ph.D.) and sociology degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles (B.A.) and the Sorbonne, Paris (Maitrise, Doctorat 3eme Cycle). She is a member of the National Honor Society of Psychology.

When not at work, Dr. Nelson can be found traveling: trekking, snorkeling, or simply gawking at the many wonders of our world. If not on a journey, she’ll be on a Ballroom floor somewhere, in her capacity as an amateur competitive dancer.

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