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Meet The Amazings!

Meet The Amazings! is an interactive Facebook page launched in 2016 to promote awareness of the fabulous, thriving and happy older adults all around us, celebrate them, and provide useful tips and resources to those who would like to live life to the fullest – whatever their current age.

Here’s the Huffington Post article that started it all:

Meet The New 60+ers—The Amazings

We are busting preconceptions, forcing by our very numbers, the world to look at us differently. We are redefining these years as years of growth, joy, fun, adventure, even romance!

We are forcing the world to see beyond our wrinkles, thinning hair and bum knees. We run marathons, kill on the golf course, tango on the dance floor, hike the national parks, and out-yoga a surprising number of Millennials.

A highly entertaining and somewhat shocking YouTube that is a true “must-see,” entitled “Millennials Show the World What They Believe Old Looks Like.” Judging from the video, younger people have a narrow view of what “old” really means.

Latest Amazings!

Michael Caine

Michael Caine, at 90, announced that “The Great Escaper,” released in October 2023, is indeed his last film. After a lifetime of entertaining audiences with

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Rosa and Christopher Streets

Rosa Streets, 81, and Christopher Streets, 82, found happiness with each other thanks to meeting at the retirement home where each moved following the passing

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Pat Riley

Pat Riley, at 78, is in pursuit of a 10th NBA Championship. The team president of Miami Heat figures that 9 NBA championships just isn’t

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Sandra Bellew

Meet an “AMAZING!” who served her community faithfully for 55 years! SANDRA BELLEW, at 87, is finally retiring from the crossing-guard position she enjoyed for

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Chrissy Lee

Meet an “AMAZING!” whose passion is – the drums! CRISSY LEE, at 79, continues doing what she loves best – drumming! Just three years ago,

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Larry L. Taylor

Meet an “AMAZING!” whose valor under fire was finally well rewarded! LARRY L. TAYLOR, at 81, was finally awarded the Medal of Honor, a well-deserved

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Olivia Burnett

Meet an “AMAZING!” who finally fulfilled her life-long dream! OLIVIA BURNETTE, at 80, fulfilled a life-long dream of getting her diploma from the Ohio State

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Everett Kalin

Meet an “AMAZING!” who surprises one and all with his astonishing feats! EVERETT KALIN, at 93, is one of the oldest hikers to make the

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Marg Burg

Meet an “AMAZING!” who flew ‘like a bird’ for her 90th! MARG BURG, at 90, celebrated her birthday by skydiving! Something she’d decided she wanted

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Andres Garcia-Carro

Meet an “AMAZING!” who’s enjoying yet another wonderful career! ANDRES GARCIA-CARRO, at 91, is a much sought-after fashion model – a career that was birthed

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Jayne Burns

Meet an “AMAZING!” who thrives at work – her happy place! JAYNE BURNS, at 101, is a happy employee at Joann (the fabric store), where

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Bert Edlin

Meet an “AMAZING!” who defied the odds to walk his beloved granddaughter down the aisle! BERT EDLIN, at 95, became a TikTok and Instagram hit

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