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A Winning Tip

A Winning Tip

“Winning Tips” is a monthly blog designed especially for lawyers—you’ll gain insight on trial strategies, client communications, witness prep and jury behavior from one of the country’s foremost trial consultants.

The Juror-Engaging Power of Story: Beyond the Individual

Research has demonstrated repeatedly the power of storytelling. Indeed, it’s easy for most attorneys to tell the story of their injured client or the malfunction of a product. Stories of individuals, plaintiff or defense, are also fairly easy to summon. But when it comes to businesses, companies or corporations, lawyers

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You Need a Timeline!

Timelines are essential to just about any case. I’ve been teased by various attorneys I’ve worked with that I always recommend a timeline, and indeed it’s true. But there is a method to my repeated “You need a timeline!” The movement of events across time is how jurors anchor testimony

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It Takes A Village: Yet Another Focus Group Advantage

I consulted on a case where one of the possible witnesses was an individual in a highly respected line of work. This person had been involved in criminal activity some 30 years ago, but in the years since had made a wonderful turn-around, and was a veritable pillar of the

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Use “Less is More” to Win in Court

Some courts are lenient with the amount of time allotted for a trial, some are not. It certainly can seem impossible, sometimes, to jam the amount of evidence and testimony you have in the number of hours permitted. And yet, as is so often true of many things in life

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What the Trix Cereal Rabbit Can Teach Litigators

So you thought cutesy cereal boxes were designed just to capture your innocent toddler’s rapt attention? Nope. In a Cornell University study, researchers manipulated the gaze of the cartoon rabbit on Trix cereal boxes and found that adult subjects were more likely to choose Trix over competing brands if the

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The Question’s Not the Problem: The Answer May Be

How many times in your youth, were you told by a benevolent, or at the very least, good-hearted, coach or teacher, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” You’ve probably said that very phrase to your children as well.  And yet, when jurors ask during deliberations to have something

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Address Your Jurors’ Overriding Concerns: Safety & Trust

Did you know that the United States is near the top of all countries in terms of anxiety? The U.S. comes in a close second behind Greece in adult stress levels—55 percent according to the Gallup World Emotions Report. This number is 20 percent higher than the global average. We live

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Who Has The Longer Attention Span? Your Jurors or A Goldfish?

–The average attention span of a human being in 2000: 12 seconds –The average attention span of a human being in 2023: 8.25 seconds –The average attention span of a goldfish: 9 seconds Do I have your attention now?! This is the unfortunate reality you are up against in the courtroom. A

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A Dynamite Persuasion Technique: “But You Are Free”

We live in the “land of the free, home of the brave.” As a people, we cherish freedom, but it’s something lawyers do not always factor into voir dire and closing arguments. And yet, 42 psychological studies on 22,000 people has shown that the single most powerful persuasion technique is to give

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Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience as a trial consultant. She specializes in trial strategy, witness preparation and focus groups all over the U.S.

Contact her at noelle@noellenelson.com.

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The second edition of Dr. Noelle Nelson’s Connecting With Your Client (ABA Publishing) gives attorneys the most up-to-date communication and persuasive tools needed to achieve greater client satisfaction.

The book contains updated information on:

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Connecting With Your Client includes discussion on how to maintain control over difficult situations and clients, as well as professional solutions drawn from real-life, real-case experiences. Managing partners, executive directors and marketing directors of top-level firms contribute their perspectives and share their solutions for attaining client satisfaction and cooperation.

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