Dr. Noelle Nelson

On Addiction, Episode 68

Addiction isn’t just something that afflicts other people and involves heavy drugs. Most of us have some form of addiction, even if it’s to seemingly benign activities – like working out obsessively or overworking that credit card or the remote. Those too often activities get in the way of our having the full and rewarding life we deserve. In this podcast you’ll discover how to engage the healthy, functioning parts of yourself to help you heal whatever addiction, major or minor, gets in your way, even if only occasionally.

Dr. Noelle Nelson’s Up!

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling down about life, or has something knocked you for a loop? Psychologist Dr. Noelle Nelson believes that inside all of us is an often hidden optimistic perspective that can help us find greater happiness and success. Helping to uncover that inspiring inner gem is what Up!

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