Dr. Noelle Nelson

Laverne Biser

Laverne Biser, at 105, is probably the oldest living eclipse chaser in the world. Laverne’s passion for eclipses all over the globe made him an international traveler, along with his wife of80 years, who shared his enthusiasm until she passed in 2023. Laverne was first entranced by the Milky Way, when he was a toddler, […]

Arthur Masterson

Arthur Masterson, at 96, was granted a much dreamed-of honorary high school diploma. Arthur left high school having completed all but his final year, to join the US Navy in 1945. He later served in the Korean War. Upon returning to civilian life, there was just no time or possibility of resuming his studies, given […]

Optimal Aging Beyond 70

Dr. Noelle Nelson, who is the author of over a dozen books, speaks with Sandra Siepak about the shared traits of people in their 70s to and beyond their 100s doing amazing things.

It Takes A Village: Yet Another Focus Group Advantage

I consulted on a case where one of the possible witnesses was an individual in a highly respected line of work. This person had been involved in criminal activity some 30 years ago, but in the years since had made a wonderful turn-around, and was a veritable pillar of the community, loved and respected. The […]


Spring! Such a glorious time of year. Trees sprouting white and pink blossoms, tender new green leaves on bushes and plants, more sunlight, less gray. How delightful! If only one had time to get out there and enjoy it more. You know, as in away from your hunched-over-the-computer mode, using your legs to walk briskly, […]


Cher (birth name Cherilyn Sarkisian), at 77, is back in the studio recording another album, right on the heels of the enormous success of her Christmas album, released in 2023. Known as “The Goddess of Pop,” Cher has never stopped being the celebrity she always wanted and knew herself to be, right from her school […]

Rudy Marcus

Rudy Marcus, at 100, saw his centenarian birthday marked by his colleagues and former students with a celebration at the Faculty Center at Caltech in Pasadena–where he still teaches after 45 years! Not only is Rudy a revered chemistry professor, but he also publishes several academic articles every year. As a theoretical chemist, he is […]

The Power Of Words, Episode 86

The words you hear from loved ones, friends, bosses and co-workers are powerful, you rely on them. But here’s the thing: are they trustworthy? How do you know if their words are to be believed or not? In this podcast, you can discover how to sort out the words you can trust, and those you’d […]

Pat Conner

Pat Conner, at 91, is now officially the oldest active player in the “Granny Basketball League.” Pat admits to having a wonderful time, playing alongside her 64-year-old daughter, Debbie and 59-year-old daughter, Becky. The League boasts 450 players and 42 teams across 10 states, and only individuals 50 and older are eligible to play. Pat […]

Paul Durietz

Paul Durietz, at 76, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a Social Studies teacher – 53 years! That’s a lot of teaching. Paul says that he is able to teach for decades because he loves what he was doing – and continues to do. As far as he is concerned, the […]