Dr. Noelle Nelson

Getting Unstuck, Episode 93

What if there was a way to make change happen more easily in your life? What if you could, just by altering what you use as your reference points for the change you want, get things to happen more successfully for you? In this podcast, find out how to make change something you actually can […]

Elizabeth Eaton Rosenthal

Elizabeth Eaton Rosenthal, aka “The Green Lady of Brooklyn,” at 83, continues to surprise and delight all who cross her path whether they live in or visit Brooklyn. She is head to toe, hair to nails and everything in between, painted or otherwise covered in green! Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Elizabeth hitchhiked to New […]

Expert Under the Gun of Cross? Multi-sided Response to the Rescue

For your expert witnesses under the gun of cross-examination, usually the most problematic answer is a flat “yes” or “no.” Science holds few absolutes to be true, thus most scientists (which is the majority of your experts) are uncomfortable with an uncategorical “yes” or “no” in response to many of opposing counsel’s questions. Yet opposing […]

Be Your Own BFF

It doesn’t matter whether I’m having trouble learning a new dance step, stumped on a piece of writing that has an all-too-soon deadline or forgot to pick up the dry-cleaning, whatever, my immediate go-to is to diss myself. How could I be so stupid, inept, or unconscious that I find myself in this disheartening situation?! […]

Betty Brussel

Betty Brussel, at 100, is not only celebrating her birthday, but also the 3 world records she broke this year in her age group in the swimming pool: the 400-metre freestyle, the 50-metre breaststroke, and the 50-metre backstroke. Quite a coup for a woman who only began competing at 68. Betty, originally from Holland, began […]

Sally Snowman

Sally Snowman, at 72, the only remaining official lighthouse keeper in the United States, is just now retiring from her 20 years of service. From the first time Sally visited the lighthouse, at 10 years of age, with her father, a Coast Guard auxiliarist, Sally knew she wanted to be the lighthouse keeper. The 307-year-old […]

Ed Dwight

Ed Dwight, at 90, is featured in the National Geographic film “The Space Race,” which documents the stories of Black astronauts, and their first pioneer, Ed. Ed was selected by the Air Force to train as an astronaut with NASA, having met the criteria of 1500 hours of flying jets, a BA in engineering or […]

Life Is Meant for Joy!

A woman is running on the treadmill next to me at the gym, moaning and complaining the whole time. How miserable she is at having to work out, how hard it is to get herself to the gym knowing she’s in for an hour of pain. How she’d rather do pretty much anything other than […]

Danny Devito

Danny Devito, at 79, voiced the character of Uncle Dan in the animated film “Migration,” a role he took on, as he has many others, because of his love for his three children. Family-friendly films are important to Danny. Children’s reactions as they watch are a source of constant delight. Add this to his many […]

Quit Inflicting “BUT” on Yourself!

While I was waiting for my dance class to start, I watched an instructor patiently coach a couple through what was obviously one of their first lessons. The instructor was having them do a “box step,” which is what it sounds like. A “box” made with your feet. It consists of two parts, a forward […]