Dr. Noelle Nelson

Michael Caine

Michael Caine, at 90, announced that “The Great Escaper,” released in October 2023, is indeed his last film. After a lifetime of entertaining audiences with his spectacular acting talents, Sir Michael (so knighted by Queen Elizabeth II) is finally ready to move on to his next adventure full time – writing! Although he has written […]

Rosa and Christopher Streets

Rosa Streets, 81, and Christopher Streets, 82, found happiness with each other thanks to meeting at the retirement home where each moved following the passing of their respective spouses. It did take 18 months of slowly getting to know each other before Christopher proposed – in Northern Italy of all places when the couple was […]

Pat Riley

Pat Riley, at 78, is in pursuit of a 10th NBA Championship. The team president of Miami Heat figures that 9 NBA championships just isn’t enough, and is now dedicated to winning number 10. Pat has seen the game from all sides and pretty much all over the country, starting as a player, moving on […]