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The Best Free Gifts for The Holidays

The Holidays. A time of giving. And giving and giving, until sometimes it feels like you are nothing but a shopping/buying machine, and the joy of giving, well . . . it’s going-going-gone.

But what if there were a way of giving that costs you nothing but a nano-second of attention? No currency – paper, plastic or crypto – involved. Zip. Nada. Actually, two ways of giving. Both of which give joy to the receiver, and guess what? To you as well.

Namely, compliments and thank yous. Compliments simply consist of noticing something pleasing about a person or their behavior. Compliments range from “What a great smile you have!” to “You are so thoughtful,” to “You do that so well!” Compliments can be given to friends, family, and total strangers. Especially at this hectic time of year, compliments genuinely and freely given to cashiers, sales reps, baristas and the many individuals who help us with our Holiday errands are greatly appreciated. And of course, your friends and family may very well be in shock to receive such an unprompted “You rock!”

Compliments must of course be socially appropriate. Generally, complimenting someone on their physical attributes is not appropriate. Unless it’s your partner or BFF, in which case it may be OK. However, best to err on the side of caution, and compliment accordingly.

Thank yous can be given any time anywhere to anyone for anything! A favorite of mine is to make sure to thank someone who least expects it and so often feels invisible—say the cleaner in a public bathroom (like at the airport). The look of grateful surprise on their face is enough to make my day. Same with thanking the postal carrier, a customer rep, even your child. Nothing beats giving that tiniest bit of Holiday joy to all.

Besides, who knows? It may become a habit, and what better way to celebrate the Season?

Thank you all for reading “A Note From Dr. Noelle” and Happy Holidays!!

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