Dr. Noelle Nelson

When Agendas Collide, Episode 67

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child/teenager did just what you needed them to do, right when you wanted them to? YES! Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case, and most often you find yourselves butting heads or in a screaming match. Sigh. . . However, there is a very different approach that will get your child/teenager on board with what you want and need. In this podcast you’ll explore in specifics just how you might be able to accomplish that.

Dr. Noelle Nelson’s Up!

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling down about life, or has something knocked you for a loop? Psychologist Dr. Noelle Nelson believes that inside all of us is an often hidden optimistic perspective that can help us find greater happiness and success. Helping to uncover that inspiring inner gem is what Up!

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