Dr. Noelle Nelson

Yi Yan Fuei and Zhang Li Hua  

Yi Yan Fuei, 96, and Zhang Li Hua, 85, are the stars of “Nai Nai and Wài Pó,” a documentary personal love letter from director Sean Wang to and about his two grandmothers, one on his dad’s side, the other on his mom’s side. The ladies live together and are best friends; the documentary shares their daily lives as they dance, live and love. Yi Yan Fuei and Zhang Li Hua were both truly astonished by the nomination, and utterly thrilled at this accomplishment by their Taiwanese-born grandson! In their own words: “When our grandson asked if he could make a film about us, we thought he was crazy. We said ‘Who would want to watch a movie about us?’ And now, the fact that the film has brought joy to so many, it’s a happiness we could have never imagined. We feel so seen and loved. Now we have to find something to wear.” Love it!

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